Most potent growth hormone for bodybuilding

Human growth hormone for bodybuilders

What is Human Growth hormone exactly?

HGH occurs in the body naturally as somatropin which exists of a 191 aminochain. Human growth hormone causes growth of bones, muscles and other tissues when we’re young. When we grow up HGH does not carry on to build these tissues but instead it strengthen our immune system, regenerate scars/wounds faster, and so on.

Our own production of human growth hormone spikes when we hit puberty. Remember when you had a growth spurt? Yes that was caused mainly because of hgh spike! The diminishing returns start at 30, and by 60 we only make 10% of hgh of what we used to.

  • The effect?
  • Increase in fat
  • Weaker bones
  • Worse skin structure
  • Functionality of the brain decreases and loss of intelligence occurs when getting older
  • Sexual performance gets worse
  • Depression

    Human growth hormone
    Riptropin hgh


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